S2 E8 Don't Worry Darling, It's Not Us

S2 E7 Jen for Pres 2024

The girls are discussing the "bombshell" Jen Aniston ALLURE interview. Aly makes an investment! Lauren has found her "niche"...xo L&A

It's Election Day!

Make sure to get out and vote!

S2 E6 Shut the Door On Your Older Self

The girls are having a bit of a catch up this episode: halloween, baby-fever, number-two-ing with the door open?! They're also giving their two cents on 9 questions a 20-something wants answers about...you know what they say: with age, comes widsom! xo L&A

Pre-Christmas Purge

Do you throw away old toys in preparation for Christmas gifts?

Christmas Already?

Well, Halloween is over...

Sugar Crash

Shmitty's youngest learns a hard lesson about eating too much candy.

S2 E5 Would You Ever Take A Ghost Tour?

Lauren and Aly have a special guest in for this episode: Candice Smith, Tours Around Michigan! Candice gives Ghost Tours in Grand Rapids and is spilling all of her stories! Plus what she's heard about the parking garage under our studios! Happy Halloween xo L&A

Costume Catastrophe

Shmitty had a hard time making her Halloween costume.

Haunted Workplace?

Shmitty is on the hunt for ghosts in our building.