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Everyone always raves about the colors of fall, or the smells of fall, but it's the SOUNDS of fall that could send you on an escape to the Shanty Creek Resort! 

Listen with Mac & Shmitty each weekday morning for the Star Secret Sound at 6:45am & 8:45am. They'll play the sound and give you the daily clue to help you guess what it is. Guess correctly and you're off to enjoy a trip up north to enjoy the fall colors at the Shanty Creek Resort! 

Your trip includes:

- 2 night’s lodging + 36 holes of golf (any Shanty Creek course) for two people

- A private Shanty Creek chair lift ride to explore the colors overlooking Lake Bellaire. 

-  Short’s Gift Cert + 6-pack of Short’s Brewing Company’s Pure Michigan IPA

There’s no place better to experience the Pure Michigan Autumn experience than at Shanty Creek – and the Short’s brew is an exclamation point at the end of a perfect fall day in Michigan!

***Gift certificate will expire the end of the golf season which is 10/17, so winner will need to take the trip before that***


9/23- The first cut is the deepest

9/24- One of many

9/27- Not something that grows on a tree

9/28- Couldn't be more fresh

9/29- Before I spill my guts

9/30 - It’s time to cut the cord 

10/1 - Cut me loose, and light me up 

10/4 - Just before I can be pulled from the patch

10/5 - Slice at the stem

Wrong Guesses:

Carving a pumpkin

A rock dropping into water

Cutting down a cornstalk

A fish/fishing reel going into the water

A small engine

Apples falling from the tree

Hunting a deer

Carving a watermelon 

shanty creek

Photo: shanty creek

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