Trick or Treat Yo' Self

Are you ready for Krispy Kreme's Monster Batch Halloween Doughnuts?

There's the slime monster doughnut "Slimon," an original glazed doughnut filled with lemon-flavored slime and then dipped in ghoul-green icing.

Slimon's friend "Hypno-Henry," is the cake batter monster and is a doughnut with one eye, filled with cake batter and dipped in yellow frosting and

dusted with orange sugar then topped with a hypnotic icing swirl.

Lastly there's "Mumford," the mummy monster doughnut. He's glazed with purple icing.

These are all so cute and look very delicious, don't you think? They're available now through October 31st but check this out ... if you show up to your local Krispy Kreme dressed in full costume on Halloween day, you can get a FREE doughnut!

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