Tax Preparers Are Getting Scammed

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There have been more and more reports of new scams that target the person who does your taxes. And if your tax person is being scammed, it's a very scary situation; especially with tax season underway. 

lot of us go through great lengths to keep our personal and financial information under lock and  key. And the bad criminals are not only going after us individually  with fake emails and phone calls from "our banks," but also after the  people who have the complete low-down on our worth and savings. 

According to the Internal Revenue Service: 

Tax  professionals are being targeted by identity thieves more and more each  day. These criminals – many of them sophisticated, organized syndicates  - are redoubling their efforts to gather personal data to file  fraudulent federal and state income tax returns. 

Why are there such rotten people in this world?!? 

Some of their scams include: 

  • Urging Tax Professionals to step up security as there are in fact, filing schemes emerging from the public 

  • Tax Professionals are being warned of e-services scams 

  • Tax Professionals are also being warned of a new scam to “unlock” tax software accounts 

  • There is a phishing scheme that mimicks software providers that is aimed at Tax Professionals. 

  • Criminals that are targeting Tax Professionals so they can steal data such as PTINs, EFINs or e-Service passwords 

  • Bogus spam emails are being sent that ask Tax Professionals to update their IRS e-services portal information and Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs) 

If you'd like to see more warnings from the Internal Revenue Service about scams that target tax payers and tax preparers,  CLICK ON THIS LINK 


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