Michigan Meteor: Can We Find Pieces of It?

Such an incredible thing that occurred last night with the meteor shooting across the sky over southeast Michigan!

Where was I? In my office at home with the blinds shut and the speakers turned up loud listening to music while I worked on work stuff. Sheesh!

Everyone’s talking about what happened around the clock today and it’s pretty cool that with the age of social media, we all get to share our photos and videos of our perspective of the meteor over metro Detroit. Unless, you’re like me, and you didn’t personally catch a glimpse of the flash, or feel the rumble from the earthquake or hear the sonic boom. (sigh)  LOL

So today, people have a lot of questions … one being, can we go out and look for meteor debris? I mean, the thing disintegrated in-air so there are bound to be pieces of it that made it to the ground, right?

Fox 2 spoke with Michael Narlock, head of astronomy at the Cranbrook Institute of Science to help answer what we all are pondering.

The meteor itself ended here, right and why was there an earthquake registered – did it hit the ground?

Michael Narlock: All indications are that it came apart over southeastern Michigan. Certainly the epicenter of the earthquake was and in around the sort of Mount Clemens area. So obviously an event happened there. Whether it was an impact or whether that's where the seismometers picked up the sonic boom, we're not sure. Certainly the place to start looking for debris field if there is one would be in that area.

What debris would we find if we searched?

Michael Narlock: You would find probably little meteorites. We're guess it's a stony meteorite, so they wouldn't be all that magnetic. You might see a dark crust on the particular debris that you find. Probably not very large - less than the size of your fist. All meteors disintegrate in a little bit different ways. If you find something in that area and you're not sure, you can bring it by the institute and we'll take a look at it and tell you what we think.

For more questions and answers, see the whole interview with Michael Narlock  ON THIS LINK

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