Swiftie Who Threw 'Lover'-Themed Wedding Can't Believe Taylor Noticed

Erin Seeherman thought of everything when it came to her Lover-themed wedding, which paid homage to the very important part Taylor Swift has played in her love story. But the one thing she never considered was that Swift herself would notice.

"It was a huge deal," Seeherman tells Billboard about Taylor tweeting out a congratulations to the Philadelphia-based sex therapist and her husband Moshe Berman, after the two recently tied the knot in an event that was Swift-inspired from top-to-bottom.

Seeherman, who, not for nothing, pays homage to Taylor twice in her Twitter handle, says she was driving home from work on Wednesday (Nov. 6) listening to music in her car when the bluetooth signal kept getting interrupted by so many message alerts that she had to set her phone to silent. But then two of her fellow Swiftie friends who were at her wedding called at the same time and she knew something was up.

"I pulled over, because safety first, and that's when I found out," she says. "I was really shocked. I never expected her to notice the efforts we had gone to. All the effort we put into the wedding we would have done regardless of whether we thought she might notice because we -- my husband now too identifies as a huge Taylor Swift fan -- are such huge fans so we were happy and excited to do this, but never really had that expectation that anything would come of it or that we would get noticed."

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