2 Covid Deaths have changed my family forever. -Jana

My sister in law is one of my favorite people. She and my brother were just settling into an "empty nest" lifestyle. My niece and nephew are young adults, and out the house.

My brother & his wife were looking forward to travel, hobbies, and numerous other plans. But unfortunately COVID had other plans.

Sadly, my sister in law lost her sister to Covid. And in a heartbreaking twist, she lost her brother in law 2 weeks later.

Not only had she lost her sister, but now there were 4 teens and pre-teens who just lost their parents.

Can you imagine? Losing both of your parents to Covid in just a 2 week span.

If you would like to read about Misty & Kevin...and their story, you can ***CLICK HERE***

But like I said... Covid is changing so many families. And in this situation, maybe it didn't need to happen.

Sadly, Misty and Kevin chose to not be vaccinated. Kevin did say he wished he had. It was too late.

I'm all for choice. But these kids didn't choose to be orphans.

My brother and his wife will make sure these kids have what they need. The kids are safe, loved, and learning to live this new normal.

I can't even imagine how they will raise 4 more kids, but I know they will. They are amazing. And in a sweet moment my daughter did say she was excited to have 4 new cousins.

If you want to help by shopping their amazon list, you can find it here: WISH LIST

$20 worth of tissues, toilet paper, or Raviolis can help.

But all in all, its a great reminder that so many families are going through UNIMAGINABLE tragedies due to this pandemic.

Please be kind. Please do what you can to help stop the spread.


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