Niall Horan's Third Studio Album Is Finally Becoming A Reality

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Niall Horan's new music is finally becoming a reality!

The "Slow Hands" singer launched a new website dedicated to the launch of his third studio album. Niall announced the new website,, in a TikTok on Tuesday (January 24). The new video of him showcases a new song, presumably from his upcoming album.

When you click on the website, you're taken to a landing page that has a blue and white candle lit in front of a cloudy sky. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the candle has actually been melting since it was launched. Does that mean we'll get new music when the candle is fully melted?

The website's title is "NH3 Loading...," which is a nod to the release of his third studio album, his first in three years after the release of Heartbreak Weather in 2020 and his debut solo album Flicker in 2017.

At the bottom of the site, you can find two links: his TikTok account and mailing list. Another fan pointed out that the website's source code says to "check back every day." An Instagram account for the website has also been created, @heavenwontbethesame.

Niall's TikTok is the latest in a series of him teasing fans about the new music he plans on releasing soon.

He's been sharing bits and pieces of this new song (and others) on TikTok over the past month and fans are tired of being teased! Most recently, he shared a video of himself playing a sweet ballad on the piano for about 20 seconds. He also shared a couple of videos that reveal two lines of the song. "But that's just what we do" in one video and "So much to put an answer to/But that's just what we do" in another.

Niall announced in October 2022 that he plans to release new music in 2023. "I'm back. I've got new music coming in the new year that I'm really proud of, and I appreciate you being so patient with me while I've done it," he said.

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