Pete Davidson Allegedly Removed Tattoos Dedicated To Kim Kardashian

Photo: Getty Images

Pete Davidson was spotted in Hawaii this week with fellow Bodies Bodies Bodies actor Chase Sui Wonders. While rumors have swirled about the pair as a potential couple, the bigger story came when fans noticed that certain tattoos Davidson had done as a tribute to ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian had disappeared. Davidson famously got a number of tats that read things like "My girl is a lawyer," "Jasmine & Aladdin." and even just "Kim" while the pair were dating last year.

It's not the first time fans have speculated that the tats may be gone. A few months ago Davidson was spotted with a bandage over the spot where the "My girl is a lawyer" tattoo was done, but it was just speculation until recent pictures seem to have confirmed it. Now it also looks like the "Jasmine & Aladdin" tattoo and "Kim" branding have also been removed in the wake of the couple's separation.

It's not the first time that tattoo removal has come up for Pete Davidson, he once famously promised that he would have all of his dozens of tattoos removed before he turned 30. Davidson, who left Saturday Night Live at the end of its last season, is shifting his focus from comedy to more serious acting roles and used that transition as an explanation for his desire to have much of his ink removed.

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