Kate Middleton Shares Her Kids' Reaction To Old Photos With Prince William

Photo: Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently visited Wales for the first time as the new Prince and Princess of Wales following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. During their visit, the royal couple greeted well-wishers and Kate spotted one person holding a flag with their engagement photo from 2010, according to People. The sweet moment was caught on video and shared to TikTok by user mariahedges8.

In the video, you can see Kate looking at the photo and telling the person, "Oh my goodness, is that from our engagement? We always laugh about this. Although we've been married for 11 years, we've been together for double that, so it's extraordinary."

Kate then went on to reveal that her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, have been looking through the photo albums recently. "The children look back at the photos and say, 'Mummy, you look so young!'"

The new Prince and Princess of Wales's visit to the country were full of sweet interactions like this one. "It's nice coming back to Wales because it was where we lived before we had our family and everything, so it's been a really special day," Kate said according to People. In addition to living there as newlyweds, Prince William worked there as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue Force.

Prince William also revealed he's learning their ancient national language, according to Rev. Steven Bunting, who hosted the couple at St. Thomas's Church in Swansea. "He talked about learning Welsh and shared some Welsh phrases he's trying to do," he said.

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