Dave Chappelle Photobombs Wedding Photos

Dave Chappelle continues his tradition of photobombing wedding couples.As we told you, the first time it happened was in 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This time, it happened in Austin, Texas at The Line Hotel. 

According to photographer Anna Szczekutowicz,Matt and Eleanor were doing their first look photos on the patio. The two was sharing the tender moment when they saw each other dressed up for the ceremony for the first time. Matt showed his emotion right away and when they hugged, people looking out from the restaurant started cheering. “I thought this was a reaction to the very sweet moment that Matt and Eleanor were sharing, but seconds later, Dave Chappelle popped out from inside the restaurant!” Anna said.

The comedian not only surprised Matt and Eleanor, but also posed for pictures with them as a way to add to their special day. He then wished the newlyweds luck in their marriage and posed for a socially distanced picture that helped them laugh in the midst of the high emotion that included tears.