Lauren Conrad Says She Had To ‘Emotionally Recover’ After 'The Hills'

It's the reunion all The Hills fans have been waiting for—Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port got together for a candid look back at their time on the reality show, as well as what happened between them when the cameras stopped rolling.

As fans of The Hills already know, Port and Conrad met while "interning" at Teen Vogue as part of their reality show15 years ago. The show aired on MTV from 2006 to 2010, however, Conrad departed the production a season early in 2009. Following her departure, Conrad put as much emotional and physical distance between herself and the reality TV world, which included time apart from her cast mates.

“I stopped filming and then I just kind of needed a clean break for a minute to kind of emotionally recover,” Conrad explained. “I took some time off and then obviously moved out of L.A.” She called that era of her life “such an odd time for me" and said she kept going with the show "as long as I could,” but she's never looked back after deciding it was time to move on. “It was one of those things where I was like, ‘OK, well, this isn’t like a healthy space for me anymore,’” she added. “I need to kind of, like, live my own life and do this. I kind of, like, removed myself from that whole scene. Really.”

Conrad addressed any hurt feelings that may exist between her and Port over her decision to leave the whole scene behind her, including Port and her other cast mates. “It had nothing to do with you personally," she told Port. “It’s just really being like, ‘OK, like I need to live my life.’ I lived a certain way for so long and, like, as much as I am appreciative and I love you and I love so many people we’ve worked with, like, you know, there is certain, like, toxic elements there and it’s really hard."

“And I was like, ‘OK, I got to just like step away from this world’ and, like, kind of heal in a way and, like, figure out who I want to be," she continued. "Because again, we started so young’s such a time where you’re figuring out who you are. And I did it in such a weird way. Like, I need to do this on my own now with no other voices or just, like, literally living my life for me.”

Despite needing to change her life following her stint on The Hills, Conrad reassured Port that she has “so much love in my heart for you...we shared this really, weird, unique thing. And I think it is — it’s like old college friends, you know, I’ll always remember you like that, and I’ll never have that with anybody else.”

Port agreed with Conrad and told her former co-star that she too has a special place in her heart for their time together. "Totally...nobody really knows the stuff that we know," Port said. "It’s just these roots that are always very strong. And even when I’m talking to you now, I’m like, ‘Oh, it feels totally normal.’ Like, I’m just sitting with you in that closet again. So that feels really nice.”

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