Star Story: Meet Vandy, Mary Free Bed's New Helper


Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital has a new four legged resource to help patients on their road to recovery. Patients can now lean on Vandy, a 3-year old black lab, as part of the hospital's team. She's the very first dog trained by Paws With A Cause, a national non-profit based in Michigan that specializes in animal assisted intervention. 

Vandy is there to help patients who are recovering from various surgeries. For patients like 7-year-old Emmitt Baggett, who has cerebral palsy,that means working with Vandy to strengthen his leg muscles, core, and to stand with his knees apart. Vandy even plays 'Go Fish' with Emmitt to help him keep his back strait! 

Vandy has lots of tricks up her sleeve making her the perfect put to help patients recover physically, but also emotionally and cognitively. I mean, who wouldn't want to play and snuggle up with this special pup?!


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