The Flu Is Bad: Don't Be This Co-Worker

It's not your imagination, the flu in W. Michigan is bad. One of the worst in the country! If you've been home with the kids, or worse, trying to nurse yourself back to health, you're not alone.

A new report from Doctor's Report, which collects data from almost one million doctors’ offices across the country, put the Grand Rapids-Wyoming metro area at the top of the list giving us a 9.5 out of 10 for flu severity. 

So, we're here to offer some helpful tips to keep those AROUND you healthy. 

1. If you're working and not feeling well, don't walk into your co-workers office, get real close to them and discuss how awful you feel. (You've been on the other side of that, right? Terrrrrrible.)

2. Wash your hands! Simple right? But, SERIOUSLY. We can tell when you're faking it! Soap up, 2 minutes of lathering. Or else we'll continue to follow you around Lysol'ing all the doorknobs.

3. Cover your mouth. Ever seen those gross commercials that use a colorful cloud to illustrate how far cough germs travel? That's exactly what pops into your co-worker's mind when you sneeze or cough right out in the open. Again, we're just trying to keep you popular at work :) 

4. Probably the best thing we can say? (And admittedly we're not doctors) STAY HOME. We totally get it. It can be extremely challenging for a number of reasons to take time off work. But you rarely get an excuse to completely exist under the warm comforter of your big bed & have no one bother you! So get rest, kick that sick sooner & who knows? Your co-workers might even throw you a party with how excited they are that you kept FAR away from them :)

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