Star Story: Family Reunited With Cat After Deadly Montecito Mudslides


The Thompson family thought they had lost everything in the deadly Montecito mudslides. Before being airlifted out of the area by rescuers, they were so unsure of their own survival that they actually left goodbye messages to each other in case one of them didn't make it. Their home was destroyed, and they also thought they had lost their beloved cat, Koshka. However, fire fighter crews had seen paw prints in the mud when they were close to the home which gave the couple hope that their fur-baby might have survived. The Thompsons contacted an animal rescue service who began looking for the lost cat on January 9th when the area became safe enough to access. Finally, this past Monday (1/15/18), they were able to access the home through a window and found a mud covered Koshka!  As you can see in the video, it was a pretty emotional reunion, and a silver lining in an otherwise sad story. 

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