New Music from Toto Made with an Old Song

A new song titled "Spanish Sea," from Toto is now available online!

Steve Lukather says, "It’s one that didn't make it and we had to rewrite it, including creating a new chorus. Thanks to modern tech we were able to play once again with not only our 20-something selves but with our dear brothers Jeff and Mike Porcaro reminding us just how deep their groove was."

He said the resulting song was, "bittersweet... Many stories, laughs and a few tears on this one... Old meets new but since legendary pal Al Schmitt cut the tracks and Bob Clearmountain sounds like it was done two weeks and not 30 years ago."

The album, 40 Trips Around the Sun, goes on sale February 9th, and the band starts a huge European two days later, and while a U.S. tour is expected, nothing has been formally announced yet. 

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