Um...Kids? That's NOT A Sippy Cup!

Potty training can be terrible, especially when you’re on the go and there’s nowhere for your little one to go. And we’re all for a helpful solution to the dilemma, but one portable potty that’s being sold on Amazon has us scratching our heads.

It’s called the TRAVEL AID Portable Emergency Urinal Toilet Potty, but it looks like a sippy cup, so it’s really confusing. The top of the potty cup looks like a cartoon elephant, and the red “girl” version comes with a funnel, and the yellow one for boys has a cap you snap open on the end of his trunk, which is pointing up and ready to go.

Would it be nice to not have to run to find a public toilet when you’re out with your little tyke who has to go now? Sure it would. But do you want them to go wee in a “Toddler Pee Pee training cup” as they describe it? Maybe not so much.

The cup is supposed to be for car trips, camping, and running errands. And it could come in handy, but they advertise it as spillproof and fitting in most diaper bags, and we definitely don’t want to carry a cup full of urine around to test how spillproof it really is.

As strange as the gadget sounds to us, reviewers on Amazon love it. And one mom even writes that it was “perfect” and “worth it” and gave it four stars after her kid’s leaked in a backpack. So that’s really saying something.

Source: The Stir

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