Bad News For Fans Of Sparkling Water

Many of us have given up Coke and Diet Coke and swapped those sweet sodas for sparkling waters, like LaCroix. We think we’re being healthy because these flavored bubbly waters don’t have sugar, but turns out they have another downside. According to Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, drinking a lot of flavored or bubbly water can erode tooth enamel.

There’s not a lot of research on the subject yet, but flavored water is acidic, and acidic drinks can cause tooth enamel to erode. In other words, this makes teeth more susceptible to cavities and more sensitive. And even if your sparkling water isn’t flavored, it’s also acidic because the carbon dioxide bubbles turn to carbonic acid in your mouth.

Plus, if you add lemon or lime to your bubbly water, you’re adding even more acid. But wait. Sparkling and flavored waters aren’t as acidic as sodas, so if you’re only drinking them in moderation, you’re safe.

Dr. Hewlett just advises you minimize how long the flavored water is touching your teeth. Eating food while you’re drinking them helps, too. And if you’re concerned, he suggests swishing with regular water after your bubbly beverage.

Source: Delish

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