WAIT! You're Holding That Wine Glass The Wrong Way

Think your manners are practically perfect? Like most of us, you’re probably making mistakes you don’t ever realize with your social graces. Thankfully, etiquette expert Myka Meier can save us. She says these are the etiquette faux pas everyone makes - don’t let them happen to you.

Never shake hands while seated - When someone walks up to your table, stand up before extending your hand. Yes, even women.

Regarding the cheek kiss - Here in the U.S., it’s one kiss, right cheek to right cheek.

The guest of honor at an event always sits to the right of the host or hostess.

Doesn’t matter if it’s full of water or wine, if a glass has a stem, that’s where you’re supposed to hold it.

When eating soup, always scoop the spoonful away from you, not toward you.

When you’re finished eating a meal, pinch your napkin in the middle and put it to the left of your plate.

Don’t say “Please RSVP” on an invitation. RSVP actually stands for répondez s'il vous plaît, which means “please respond.” So you don’t need to say please again.

Source: Redbook

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