“Donut Boy” Travels Around Delivering Treats To Police

A caped figure is on a mission to rescue officers from hunger and brighten their days. It’s Donut Boy - A.K.A. Tyler Carach - a nine-year-old kid from Bratt, Florida who’s traveling the East coast this summer bringing sweet treats to cops from Florida to New Hampshire.

Donut Boy’s mission is simple: to thank every cop in the U.S. with a donut. “I wanted to thank them because they’re my friends,” young Tyler explains. “I want to remind them that people still care.” And he does it all wearing a superhero cape which reads “I donut need a reason to thank a cop” in sparkly letters.

He started his mission last summer, buying donuts with his own money for officers he saw in a store. And now, to fund his mega-mission, his family gets donations from donut shops and runs crowdfunding campaigns. During this six-week trip, they plan to give away over 10,000 donuts to officers. Keep up the good work, Donut Boy!

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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