Just How Much Time And Money Do Women Spend On Their Hair?

There are few things more important to a woman than how their hair looks, and it’s no secret gals spend a lot of time and money making sure their locks look just right. Well, a new survey has determined just how much effort women put into their hair and the answer is a bit shocking.

According to the poll, gals spend about $80 and 11 hours on their hair a month, which translates into about $55,000 in their lifetime, and that amount will increase or decrease depending on where someone lives. Turns out, folks in California spend the most money on their hair, about $150 a month, followed by Florida ($130) and Texas ($120), while women in North Carolina are more low maintenance at only $20 per month. 

Californians earn the title “cleanest hair” since most gals there say they wash their hair daily, while those in Tennessee have the “dirtiest hair,” with most women saying they only wash their hair once a week. The survey also finds that Kansas has the most women with naturally straight hair, Alabama has the most curly-haired gals, and Ohio has the nation’s largest population of red heads. 

Overall, 89% of American women use hair dye to enhance their look, with blonde being the most popular color (40%). Meanwhile, 70% of women are naturally brunette, with only 4% redheads. And while celebrities may not be able to leave the house without hair extensions, in the real world they are much less popular. In fact, only 3% of women would be willing to invest in them, while 93% have never used them.

Source: The Daily Mail

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