Hi-Tech Drink Coaster Guards Your Drink When You’re Away

We all know that when we’re out at a bar we need to watch our drinks since you never know when some jerk may try to slip something into it. And when we’re out with friends, we have each other’s backs and lookout for each other’s cocktails when one of us has to run to the ladies’ room. But when we’re out on a date, we just have to cross our fingers and hope this guy we met on Tinder isn’t lacing our glass of wine with a date rape drug.

But there’s a new high tech tool that can help keep our beverages safe when no one is there to watch them for us. It’s called the Brio Smart Coaster and it alerts you when your drink gets touched or moved.

The coaster, which is small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket to make it easy to carry, works with an app for your smartphone. When you put it on “Guard Mode” and put it on top of your glass, you get instant notifications of any movement.

So your date might be a little offended that you don’t trust him, but who cares - safety first, right? And at $40, this gives peace of mind that no one laced our drink and makes us feel a little safer in the dating world.

Source: Delish

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