Netflix Subscribers Will LOVE This New Feature

As if Netflix wasn’t addictive enough, now they’ve got a new “interactive storytelling” feature that lets kids choose their own adventure. The first show they’re offering it on is “Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale,” which is based on the Shrek character who got his own movie, “Puss in Boots.” It offers kids several choices they have to make using their remote or tablet screen, and could result in close to 3,000 different story combinations.

Viewers get to interact by deciding what Puss does and then the story continues based on that choice. So kids are going to love changing up the action and the story and controlling what the characters do on screen. It’s a great way to make storytelling interactive and not just have kids sitting in front of the iPad all day zoning out.

Netflix rolled out “Puss in Book” yesterday and they already have plans to add another episode called “Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile.” That one will be available on July 14 and features a truck racing dog and his pet ferret. And viewers will get to make choices about their stunts that’ll probably go terribly wrong.

So get ready for your kids to ask for more screen time and plan to hand over the remote. It’s probably not as great for their little minds as reading a book, but it’s better than mindless TV watching.


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