America's Favorite, and Least Favorite, Restaurant

While people may be healthier these days, they really aren’t giving up their fast food, and it seems they are still pretty satisfied with what they’re eating. The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), finds that overall customer satisfaction with fast food chains remains steady scoring a 79 out of 100, the same rating it got last year.

As for America’s favorite fast food chain, once again that honor goes to Chick-fil-A, which holds on to its 87 rating from last year. Coming in second is Panera Bread and Papa John’s at 82, a one point increase for Panera. As for the bottom of the barrel, McDonald’s still comes in dead last with an ACSI score of only 69.

For full service restaurants, overall customer satisfaction is on the decline, down 3.7% from last year, scoring only a 78. For a second year in a row, Cracker Barrel tops the list with a score of 84, an increase of one point from last year, with Texas Roadhouse in second (82) and Olive Garden and Red Lobster tied for third (81). As for the restaurant disappointing customers the most, that would be Red Robin, with a score of 73, which is a decrease of 9% from last year.

Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index

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