Don’t Do This To Your Guacamole!

As much as we love guacamole, it turns out, we could be doing it wrong when we head to the kitchen to make it. These are the most common mistakes people make with guac, according to Rick Martinez, senior food editor at “Bon Appetit.”

Using under-, over- or not-uniformly ripe avocados - Ideally, we’d be able to find perfectly ripe avocados anytime we feel like mixing up a batch, but it never works out that way. So plan ahead, buy some under-ripe ones at the supermarket and let them ripen on the counter until they have a little give but aren’t mushy. And make sure they’re all the same level of ripeness so the texture is just right.

Not using Hass avocados - These are the king of all avocados, so don’t even try with those larger, watery, Florida avocados.

Not cutting out the blemishes - Having a bruise or brown spot in you avocado isn’t a deal breaker, like mold on bread. But you should definitely take the time to cut out the blemished spot to keep your guac that perfect shade of green.

Busting out the food processor - You don’t need this tool to get the guacamole job done. In fact, the food processor will purée your avocados, and guac is way better when it’s super chunky, not like baby food.

Going light on the salt - You probably need to add more salt than you think. Martinez uses around one teaspoon of kosher salt for three avocados. And his pro tip is to wait five minutes after seasoning before tasting, so the flavors have a chance to meld.

Skipping or substituting the lime - The acid in limes help balance out the fat and richness, and keeps it bright green. He uses around one to two tablespoons of lime juice for three avocados. And stick to limes, not lemon juice, for the best flavor.

Mixing in other stuff - Keep your guacamole nice and simple, don’t go adding in peas or anything else, except maybe tomatoes. Martinez says sometimes those get added to stretch a batch, so that’s the only exception to the no add-ins rule.

Source: Fox News

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