One Change That Can Ramp Up Weight Loss

When we want to drop a few pounds, the first thought a lot of us have is cutting back on booze, sugar and carbs. But new research shows that the most effective way to lose weight might not be ditching sweeteners and calories after all, but by giving up meat.

A new study found that dieters who go vegetarian not only lose weight more effectively than those on conventional low-cal diets, but they boost their metabolism, too. Researchers had 74 people follow a meat-free diet, full of grains, veggies, nuts, and fruits and it turns out, they lost twice as much - 14 pounds compared to seven - as the conventional dieters.

And the vegetarian dieters also reduced muscle fat, which raised their metabolism. So swapping that steak for a meatless meal could help you stay lean and healthy, study authors say. Now that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up all meat and start eating tofu, but having taco Tuesday with black beans instead of hamburger could help you drop pounds more easily. And it’s tasty too.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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