LifeHack To Keep Your Wine Glass Cold Without Ice

There’s nothing like sitting outside, enjoying the long summer evenings with a cold glass of wine in hand. But as hot as it is, it’s hard to keep that vino chilled for long. And most of us don’t want ice cubes watering down our rosé. So what’s a girl to do? Here’s the warm weather wine hack you’ll love for summer.

First you need to keep a stash of grapes in the freezer. Not only are they a healthy snack for you and the kiddos, they make perfect ice cubes - but they don’t melt, so they can’t water down your wine!

Just drop a couple frozen grapes in your glass and they’ll keep your vino nice and chilled. It works well with grapes because they have a tough enough exterior to keep the extra liquid inside, so they don’t negatively affect your wine.

And when you finish your glass, you’ve got a tasty snack waiting for you at the bottom. Now why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Source: PureWow

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