Boy Surprised With Make-A-Wish Trip During Regular Hospital Visit

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to help "Grant a Wish" through Make-A-Wish Michigan to 14 year old Tobin. 

About 100 of us were waiting in the lobby of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital for Tobin to come down from his "visit" with his Doctor upstairs. Little did Tobin know, that he wasn't going in for a regular visit, but he was about to get the news he had been waiting to hear for about 2 years.

His Oncologist, Dr. Dickens, read Tobin the news with his best "Willy Wonka" style delivery. (his daughter has been watching the original Willy Wonka a lot lately) “As of today, all of your chemotherapy shall cease and desist. You shall forfeit all of your chemotherapy, transfusions and any other emetogenic substances herein. On this prescription it says you must immediately leave our clinic and go head out, so you can start planning your Royal Caribbean Cruise, this Friday, You want it?”

Tobin then nodded his head, so Dr. Dickens said: “Good. That’s yours. We’re done. Congratulations Toby, you win.” 

That's when Tobin headed down into the lobby where several of his friends, family, doctors from Child Life, Make-A-Wish Michigan, and myself, made the announcement public!  Complete with Tropical Smoothies, cruise themed cookies from Cookies By Design, and Beach Boys music performed from the Child Life team of HDVCH. 

It was my honor to emcee the event, and help make Tobin's wish come true! Tobin was also presented with tickets to the Beach Boys, and a sweet Make-A-Wish Michigan Beach Towel for his cruise! 

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