School Photoshops Missing Teeth Into Kid’s School Picture

Even when they’re bad, school pictures are the best! They give us a chance to look back and see how much our kids change from year to year and even though they may embarrass them later, that’s kinda part of the fun, right? So you can understand how upset one mom was when she got her son’s school pics back and his missing front teeth had been photoshopped back in.

Angela Pickett did a double take when she saw her son’s photos from school, thinking at first they were taken before he lost his teeth. But then she realized her boy’s gappy grin had been replaced with photoshopped teeth. And even though the Australian mom got the original toothless pics from the photographer, she shared the story in a now viral blog post.

“While our school photographer quickly acknowledged the mistake and provided new photos, I wrote the blog because it would seem that some companies do this on a regular basis – and some charge for it,” Pickett explains. “I think it sends a bad message to our kids.”

And it turns out this photoshopping practice isn’t uncommon for school pictures, some photographers have been known to correct messy hair, cuts, bruises, and stains on shirts in school photos. And as she points out in the post, that’s really too bad because we want to remember our kids just the way they are, awkward phases and all.

Source: Scary Mommy


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