Important Info For Parents Of Teen Drivers With ADHD

According to a new report, your teen has a higher risk for an accident if the teen behind the wheel suffers from ADHD.

A new study by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that adolescent drivers with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have a 36% higher risk of crashes than other teens who’ve just gotten their license. There is some good news though, since the new study shows less of a danger than previous reports, which claimed that crash risks were four times higher for ADHD drivers.

As for why drivers with ADHD are at a higher risk it’s likely because of certain behaviors associated with the condition like inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, and emotional regulation difficulties. The hope is that with more knowledge of how ADHD affects teen drivers, educational and training programs can be created to help manage the risks.

And if you have a teen with ADHD that really wants to drive, researchers recommend consulting a doctor to address your concerns, and possibly seek help from a therapist who specializes in driving or a driver rehabilitation specialist who has experience working with special needs individuals. 

Source: Eureka Alert

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