Kitchen Items People Regret Putting On Their Wedding Registry

A lot of married couples find that a bunch of the stuff they registered for is actually useless in their daily lives. And things they actually use all the time never made it to their wedding registry. These are the most common kitchen items couples regret registering for, according to “Epicurious.”

Juicer - This was the number one wedding registry regret among the couples. People say “it just sits there making me feel guilty,” it takes up too much space, and it has too many parts and it too hard to clean. So make sure you’ll actually use one if you add it to your registry.

Fancy china serving dishes - When it comes to practical things you’ll use all the time, fancy serving pieces don’t make the cut. So while that big, beautiful china platter looks appealing, you might be better off adding some sturdy, medium-sized serving dishes that are more functional instead.

Extra-breakable glassware - Very thin wine glasses, champagne flutes, and delicate water glasses look pretty, but a lot of people regret registering for them because they’re so fragile. When you’re doing your registry online, it’s hard to tell how heavy things are, so it’s better to head to the store and hold things in your hand to get the feel for them.

Pots and pan sets - Lots of married couples find they don’t use the whole set of fancy nonstick skillets they registered for and wish they had done their research about what they really needed first. You’re better off getting your pots and pans a la carte if you don’t think you’ll use the whole set.

Immersion blender or other redundant appliances - You don’t need to put an immersion blender and a regular blender on your registry. And if you’re getting a Vitamix, that’s probably all you’ll use, so register for just that instead.

Source: Epicurious

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