Americans Reveal The "Best And Worst" Nights For Sleep

According to a new research report, Sunday is by far the cruelest night of the week for those who have trouble sleeping.

Three times as many of us sleep badly on Sunday as on any other single night, says a survey of 4,279 Americans and Britons conducted on behalf of the meditation app

Monday is the next worst night for sleep trouble, while Thursday night is when fewest (2%) struggle to sleep.

The biggest reason that so many people sleep badly on Sundays is that the weekend is when they throw off their normal sleep routine, says Dr. Steve Orma, a clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist, who himself delivers a talk on sleep science and advice for Calm users – as one of the app’s new 30+ Sleep Stories and essays.

Anxiety about returning to work on Monday might sometimes be a third factor says Dr. Orma.


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