Rose Shaped Donuts Are The Internet’s New Darling Food Creation

There is no shortage of weird and wacky foods. From the Unicorn Frappuccino, to wine-infused coffee, and there are coffee-infused bagels, too. But one of the newest takes on an old favorite is one we’re actually interest in trying: the rose shaped doughnut from New York’s Doughnut Plant bakery.

Created by bakery owner Mark Israel the pretty flower pastries out just in time for Mother’s Day are called “Doughflowers.” They’re yeast-based and are shaped just like roses, so you can scrap the bouquet of flowers and get these for mom instead, well, if you’re in New York City.

The Doughflowers come in three glaze options:

Strawberry - Which is made with fresh berries

Rose - Perfumed with rose water and contains edible flowers

Italian blood orange - they describe it as “sweet and tart with orange blossom water.”



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