Server Gets A Very Generous Tip From A Kind Stranger

Aysha Lawson was working a lunch shift as a server at Salt 88 in Omaha, Nebraska, when a woman was seated at one of her tables. The woman ate alone and offered to pay for the meal of the couple seated next to her who were celebrating their anniversary.

When the couple found out, they thanked her and the woman left before Lawson had looked at her check. At the end of her shift, she saw that the generous stranger had been kind to her too - she left her a $1,000 tip! And the woman was gone before she could thank her for it.

Lawson says she felt a little guilty because she thinks there are people who need the money more than she does, and says the huge tip was “very shocking.” When she showed her manager the tip, he told her, “You deserve it.” And that customer must have known that, too.

Source: Inside Edition

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