How The Worst Day Of Your Life, Can Really Be The Best Day Of Your Life

Wallace Johnson would say that the "best day of his life" and the "worst day of his life" happened when he was let go from a sawmill that he worked at for 20 years.  It was the worst day because he got let go. But, it was the best day because God wanted to lead him me to his my destiny. Wallace was too wrapped up in his history, so God had to have his boss let him go so that he would get to his next step. Wallace said that because he wouldn’t leave his job, God had the job at the sawmill leave him. 

Once he got let go from the sawmill, he began to think about what he dreamed about. He always wanted to do something to help travelers. Give them somewhere they could go. Somewhere they could rest. Somewhere they could grab a bite to eat on their journey. 

Well, 5 years later, Wallace became a millionaire. And, before he died, he became a billionaire. The worst day of his life, became the best day of his life, because it was that day of being let go, that allowed Wallace Johnson to become the co-founder of Holiday Inn.

Source: Treasured Truth

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