LIFEHACK: 5 Tips To Rescue You From A Bad Spray Tan

Now that the weather’s warming up, we’re ready to show some more skin and that means it’s time to get your faux glow on. But if you’ve ever woken up the day after getting a spray tan or applying self tanner and looked more like a Cheeto than a golden glowing goddess, we feel your pain. So here are some tips for handling stained hands from forgetting to wash them after applying, and all of your fake tan emergencies, from tanning pro James Read.

Reach for lemon juice - When you need to get streaks off from self tanner or bronzer, squeeze some lemon or lime juice on a damp cloth and microwave it for two minutes. Make sure it’s not too hot, then rub it on your tan to instantly get the color off.

Hit the steam room - You can also remove your self tanning mistakes with heat from a steam at the gym. After 10 minutes, you should be able to easily wipe it off. But you might want to bring a towel from home so you don’t ruin one of the gym’s bright white ones.

Try toothpaste - For those patchy streaks on your hands and wrists, try rubbing plain ol’ white toothpaste on them - the blue or striped varieties won’t get it off.

Reach for the shaving foam - When you just want to “dilute the intensity” of the tan, apply some shaving foam to it in the shower. It can help fade the tan when you’ve overdone it.

Peel it off - Made a tanning mistake on your face? Don’t panic! Just use an enzyme peel mask and make sure to use it on your neck too. It’ll leave your skin clearer and help even things out.

Source: Cosmo UK

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