The Chainsmokers Could Have Used Spellcheck At Pittsburgh Concert

The Chainsmokers may have mastered the art of hit making, but it looks like they need to spend some time learning how to spell.

The EDM duo was performing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Saturday night, when they decided to end the night with a big thank you to the city they were performing in. The only problem? As the big banner behind them went live, it read “Thank You Pittsburg,” not Pittsburgh.

Fans had a lot of fun with the spelling misstep, with one person tweeting, “You're welcome, Chainsmockers,” and another adding, “‪@TheChainsmokers‪ Honestly tho spellcheck people.”

As for The Chainsmokers, they proved they can laugh at themselves, tweeting, “Well at least we got another chance this week in Clevlande.”

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