Coffee. It Isn't Just For Drinking!

According to “Popsugar” there are three main benefits for keeping coffee in our diets – and we’re not just talking about the buzz when it goes into our bellies. Turns out, not only can it ease intestinal pain and improve abdominal health, but it has a slew of beauty benefits when it’s in extract form. “Popsugar” talked to dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah to get to the bottom of this “topical coffee” thing. Here’s the buzz - pun intended:

  • Tightening skin - The caffeine in coffee can actually tighten skin when used topically. Grind up the beans and put it in your face wash!
  • Soothe redness and inflammation – Shah says the effects of caffeine on your dark circles could be miraculous!
  • Prevent wrinkles - Did we mention it tightens skin? Shah notes the stuff can also counteract the effects of UV rays, harsh climate, and pollution. Yes!!


Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook


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