Ford Makes A Crib...And Your Baby Is Going To LOVE it!

All parents know the technique of driving baby around until the movement and sounds help them fall asleep. Ford Motor Company knows it too and they are creating a crib that will bring that car ride experience right to the nursery.

It’s called the Max Motor Dreams and it’s designed to give your baby the soothing effect of a car ride without the actual car. And if you’ve ever tried to move a sleeping little one from the car into the crib without waking them and un-doing all the good the driving did, you know how impossible it is. So that’s why this crib is a game-changer.

And this crib is so advanced, it mimics the sounds, lights, and movement of YOUR actual car, not just any car. It uses a smartphone app to customize baby’s ride to be just what they’re used to.

Now for the bad news: the Max Motor Dreams was just a test and isn’t going to be mass produced, as of now. But there’s a glimmer of hope, tired mamas. Ford says because they’ve gotten so many inquires about the crib, they’re considering putting it in full-scale production. Fingers crossed that dream crib becomes a reality.

Source: Scary Mommy

Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook


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