Starbucks and Burger King Add Sweet Treats To Their Menu

If you have a sweet tooth, get ready for literal heaven. Burger King and Starbucks both announced new dessert drinks, and they sound incredible. First up is the announcement from Burger King that they’ll be selling Fruit Loop Shakes beginning April 17th. Yes, like the cereal. They'll cost you a cool $2.99.


Starbucks is taking their frap game to the next level by introducing the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino. Oh, and aside from it tasting like literal cherry pie, it's topped with piecrust shaped like a lid so you don't get your frappy goodness everywhere. There is one catch, though. For now, this drink is only being served in Japan for a limited time from April 13th to May 16th, but watchers believe it’ll make its way over to the States soon!


Source: Cosmo


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