This Is the #1 Cheat-Day Food in America (And It's Not What We Expected)

Nutritionists are divided about the idea of “cheat days” in your diet. Some say “cheating” is a normal part of a healthy diet, but others feel like it makes your eating habits seem restricted and temporary. But right or wrong, dieters like the phrase “cheat day” and they’re not afraid to use it on social media.

So Defend Your Health analyzed more than half a million Instagram posts tagged #CheatDay and #CheatMeal, and they learned a lot about the way people cheat on their diets. They crunched the numbers and figured out which states post about cheating the most and what dieters are eating when they cheat.

The Cheating Foods

Burgers (won by a landslide, with 51,000 mentions)

Cake (a distant second at 30,000 mentions)


Chocolate Doughnuts

Source: Byrdie


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