Foods That A Body Coach Would Never Eat

Joe Wicks - better known to his followers as “The Body Coach” - has an empire based on teaching people how to get “Lean in 15.” His 15-minute recipes allow for a really flexible diet, but even though he’s a big believer in balance, there are some things he says he just won’t eat.

Frozen ready meals top the personal trainer’s no-no list. And not surprisingly, Wicks says he also avoids fast food chains. “Any deep fried stuff. It's the oils they use that aren't food for you, rather than whatever is in them, like the chicken,” he explains. “They're cheap, so they use all sorts of crap."

So how does he satisfy his cravings? By creating a healthier version of it at home. Wicks says his faves to make are healthy popcorn chicken and healthy homemade pizzas. And he likes to indulge in the occasional gin and tonic, too – moderation and all.

Source: Business Insider


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