Port Huron Kids Surprise Neighbor For His 101st Birthday

At 101, Luthard Eid has celebrated many birthdays, but the one last week was made special by dozens of kids in his Port Huron, neighborhood coming to sing “Happy Birthday” with balloons and handmade cards. Eid came outside and listened to the little ones sing, rewarding them with candy and inviting them inside.

The kids were treated to sights they’ve never seen before - like a typewriter - and stories of his life experiences, and Eid even played the harmonica for them. His advice to the youngsters? “Go to school and do the best you can,” he tells them. “Always do the right thing.”

Eid’s neighbor Mary Williams organized the celebration with the kids and says it was eye opening for them. “The knowledge he shared with those kids they won’t find in a book,” she explains. And Eid says he had a truly great time celebrating with his young neighbors. “I’ve never had such a wonderful birthday before,” he says. “I’ll never forget it.”

Source: USA Today


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