Like Starbucks So Much That You Would Bathe In It? You're In Luck!

Starbucks Frap Bath Bombs Now Exist

You can now take Starbucks with you into the bath. Yes, Shea Shea La Bomb has created a bath bomb that you drop into your bathtub that looks just like one of the signature Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks.


They have every detail of the real drink including the drizzle and logo, too. They're sold out on Etsy currently, and even though they’re only seasonal, they could be back in stock again soon.


You can however get your hands on donut shaped soaps, cupcake bath bombs, and cookie bath bombs.


No word on what and of these bakery bombs they taste like, and it's probably best to never find out... unless you really want to wash your mouth out with soap.


Source: Cosmo

Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook


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