Which Singers Do People Think Will Stand The Test Of Time?

Of all the artists performing today, which one is likely to have the most longevity? Well, according to a new UK poll, the answer is Adele

A new Mastercard poll names Adele the music artist of the future, with 50% of folks believing she's the artist who'll stand the test of time. Coming in second place is Adele’s favorite artist, Beyoncé, followed by Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga. 

Top Ten Music Artists Of The Future


2. Beyoncé

3. Ed Sheeran

4. Lady Gaga

5. Robbie Williams

6. Coldplay

7. Rihanna 

8. Taylor Swift

9. Justin Timberlake

10. Bruno Mars 

ONE MORE THING! In the same poll, fans voted David Bowie as the most legend musician in pop history, beating out The Beatles for the top spot. 

Source: music-news.com


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