New FUN Wines To Try For National Drink Wine Day 2/18!

For those of us who aren’t experts, wine can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. Most people just want to relax with a tasty glass or two without knowing which region it comes from or grape it’s made from. And since tomorrow is National Drink Wine Day - yep, that’s an actual thing - we have some pop culture wine suggestions for you low-key wine drinkers to try. Cheers!

Bachelor Wine - With as much wine as their viewers are consuming as they watch this show, it only makes sense they came out with their own brand of vino! Try the 2015 The Fantasy Suite, $16

Bachelorette Wine - And now you can enjoy this rosé as you watch the rose ceremony or celebrate National Drink Wine Day. Check out this 2016 The Final Rose, $16.Woodstock Wine - This Chardonnay is named in honor of one of the biggest festivals of all time, so it’s perfect to celebrate with. The 2015 Woodstock Chardonnay, $17.

Grateful Dead Wine - You don’t have to be a Deadhead to like this red-blend. The 2013 Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Red Wine Blend, $17.

Rolling Stones Wine - Fans of this classic rock band will appreciate this full-bodied red that’s “bold and flavorful.” Try a 2014 Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot, $17.

Downton Abbey Wine - They’re drinking Bordeaux wines on the show, but anyone can sip this California wine that’s similar, but with a modern twist. Downton Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon, $32

Princess Bride Wine - Anyone who loved this film will want to grab a bottle of this limited edition wine. You could save it as a keepsake or pour a glass or two for National Drink Wine Day! As You Wish Chardonnay, $23

Source: Bustle

Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook


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