Here's Why Corny Pickup Lines Work... this piece from Men's Health true at all for you? 

Interested in trying out a corny pickup line on someone and seeing if it actually works? You should! A new study, which claims to be the first of its kind, reveals that women prefer metaphorical, creative compliments over the straightforward options like "do you want to go out with me?"


Published in Scientific Reports, researchers say that compliments like "Hey girl, are your feet tired ‘cause you been running through my mind all day" are more effective than something more literal like "You're beautiful, would you like to go out sometime?"


“Men’s dating success has been found to be correlated with their creativity,” say the eggheads. “Metaphors involve higher cognitive processes and greater activation in key brain language and cognitive processing areas.”


Just do us a favor and don't turn this into catcalling – there’s a line between creativity and just being crazy.


Source: Men's Health

Thanks for listening! ~Tommy & Brook


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