Theresa Lucas How About A Breadstick Bouquet For Valentines Day?

Admit it - it's pretty awesome to have flowers from your sweetheart delivered to your workplace as a surprise for Valentines Day. Maybe there's a box of chocolates on the side also. But what if you're tired of giving (or getting) roses and chocolates? Well ... last year Olive Garden breadstick bouquets were a thing.

Last Valentines Day, Olive Garden released five different templates that you could fold into bouquet wrappers for your sweetie's breadsticks. They came with cute breadstick-themed phrases like "my love for you is never ending." Wow - I didn't see that one coming (ha). I'm keeping an eye out for the templates again this year and when and if I find the link, I'll post it here.

Just know that it doesn't come with the breadsticks. You will still have to go to the restaurant to get them, but why not I guess?

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