Woman Plunges Into Frozen Lake To Save A Dog

Canadian Ben West was out walking his dog when a potential disaster struck. Another dog had fallen through the ice nearby and couldn't get out of the freezing water. Ben filmed the ordeal and as people were calling out to the dog to try to get it to climb out, one woman took action. She walked into the frozen water and then started breaking the ice with her hands to clear a path. Even though the dog was several meters away, she was able to reach the stranded pooch in only about waste deep water. She then pulled the dog through the frozen waters and back to shore. Paramedics had been called and were on scene to greet the soaked woman with warm blankets when she reached shore.  Ben never got the woman's name, but the dog she saved was seemingly unfazed by the incident and went right back to playing with the other dogs. Thankfully this good Samaritan was there, or else this story may have had a tragic ending for the pup.



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