Happy Oberon Day!


The weather may not be cooperating in West Michigan yet, but soon we'll be relaxing on patios, boating, hitting the beach, and doing it all with one of our favorite local brews...Bell's Oberon is back! Today (3/26) is Oberon Day. Craft beer brewing has exploded across Michigan, and Oberon was one of the beers that led the charge. 

Oberon was first released in 1997 and Bell's owner Larry Bell picked the name because he played the character Oberon in his sixth-grade production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." 

It's become a summertime staple, and its yearly arrival is celebrated across the country with midnight keg tapping parties and events as far away as Texas. Closer to home in Kalamazoo, there's even Oberon flavored donuts at Sweetwater's Donut Mill! While they're not actually made with beer (sorry), they do come complete with an orange slice and pretzel. 

So even though it's not summer yet, at least you can drink like it is...Happy Oberon Day! Cheers!


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